About Us

CCI was founded in 2013 by four women who strove for a different way of being in the professional landscape.  These four women had a vision of working alongside individuals and organizations to help them understand ways in which learning and transformation happen. Although time brings change to every door, CCI has continued to adapt to be able to support institutions and learners in their own process of transformation.

Jen Captioned

As one of the co-founders of CCI, I have come to value the power of sincerity, curiosity, and connection—particularly in the spaces where they overlap. Being part of this dynamic team of strong, mindful humans has transformed how this first-gen college goer from southwest Missouri views herself. 

I started on this path as a catch all science teacher at a unique private K-12 school in the forested hills of Missouri. Throughout that experience of walking my students through the trees to learn something, questions about how learning happens differently in different contexts led me to chase answers. I pursued them through a Master’s degree in International Affairs, coursework in evaluation and assessment, workshops on intercultural communication, and a Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Policy Analysis. 

As most know, answers beget new questions and the quest continues. It is a journey for which I am grateful. Working alongside educators to help them improve their courses, programs, and overall outcomes for learners is deeply meaningful and satisfying. It has been my privilege to lead interdisciplinary teams of researchers as we investigate how people form a sense of belongingness and change how they see themselves as a result of transformative learning environments.  

For those of you looking for the bullet list that typically comes with a bio:

  • 15 years in international education
  • Certified to use multiple instruments to assess values and beliefs, intercultural competence, and worldview
  • Collaborated with large and small institutions to conduct program evaluations that led to improvements in learning
  • Facilitator of intergroup dialogues
  • Co-developed curricula for global learning, 21st century skill development, and deep reflection in both seated and online formats 

The most important thing you need to know about me, while you consider whether or not CCI can meet your needs, is that I am first and foremost a collaborator.  Working as part of a team is important. Through partnership we take on the challenges of our clients as our own and treat outcomes as our own. My goal is to help organizations and educators of all types make decisions that use data and best practices to align their values, mission and practice. For anyone looking for a company that will just rubber stamp current practice and whisper sweetly about doing better for your learners, we are not the droid you are looking for.

Loren Captioned

I am a co-founder and managing partner of CCI with over 30 years experience in teaching, administrative, programming, and research associate positions across diverse post-secondary and preK-12 education contexts. My deepest interests encompass representative stakeholder engagement, education for change, and human rights-based decision-making. Much of my work is shaped through my indigenous (Choctaw) heritage, in conjunction with the principles of engagement across transformative teaching & learning environments, the promotion of civic spaces and the habit of reflexive practice.

Catarina Captioned

Catarina is a sociocultural anthropologist with training from the University of Chicago. She is currently at the University of Virginia, where she directs risk management for international engagement and directs a program of short courses for intercultural skill development. Her research and writing concern structural transformation and culture change, with an emphasis on the modernization, globalization, and development of ritual- and kinship-based societies.

Stacey Captioned

Stacey has deep roots in the Education Abroad community. Her work to train and support EA advisors has influenced how administrators value the role. She has been active in NAFSA: Association for International Educators for over 15 years and currently serves in the NAFSA Trainer Corps. Stacey’s professional interests include process improvement, strategic decision making, and organizational change.