CCI team members work with people and organizations as collaborators, it is our commitment to work alongside clients to enhance their capacity. We would like to create capacities for transformative learning and professional growth in our clients. We believe there are many ways of knowing and being in the world, and we value opportunities to help organizations more effectively identify capacities that may be underutilized or valued within the organization.

What Do You Need?

  • Program Evaluation: formative and summative, responsive, culturally sensitive.
  • Assessment Certification in the Beliefs, Events and Values Inventory.
  • Educational Research: applied, mixed methods, longitudinal.
  • Diversity/Intercultural Awareness Development: workshops, online learning modules, assessment and coaching.
  • Learning/Training Curriculum Development.
  • Internship Program Development.
  • International Education Program Design.
  • Strategic Planning: assessment and alignment of values and mission from a needs-based framework.

What We Achieve.

The respect and admiration that our team members have for one another is based upon the exceptional commitment to ethical engagement, hard work, intellect, and commitment to improving cross-cultural competencies in themselves and others. These character strengths translate into the work we do with our client partners.