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Program Evaluation & Assessment

CCI collects evidence to document program effectiveness and areas of growth; and provide guidance on how programs function in their unique contexts.

Program Evaluation & Assessment

We use a human needs-based framework, essential to understanding dynamic interactions between learners and the learning environment. We produce sustainable, targeted outcomes that help you reach your goals.

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Curriculum Development

CCI designs and delivers materials for a variety of intercultural, and diversity, equity and inclusion applications. Our curricula are created around who learners are, in each learning context, so as to maximize learning.

Curriculum Development

We support you with customized learning experiences, based on backward design principles, which enable transformative learning. Whether in person or virtual, our curricula empower learners and teams to grow across differences

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Organizational Analysis & Professional Training

CCI helps organizations flourish through change, and provides dynamic coaching and assessment for intercultural, agile, and executive contexts.

Organizational Analysis & Professional Training

Our ecological systems approach focuses on assets that can be leveraged to solve problems and innovate. We help you fine-tune systems and leadership skills in line with your core organizational ethos.

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— About Us

We support people and organizations to carry out their work well and consistent with their mission.

CCI was founded in 2013 by four women who strove for a different way of being in the professional landscape.  These four women had a vision of working alongside individuals and organizations to help them understand ways in which learning and transformation happen. Although time brings change to every door, CCI has continued to adapt to be able to support institutions and learners in their own process of transformation.

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Hear Directly From Our Partners

Ms. Suzi Breslin Recommendation
"Everything that the CCI team taught us [at IFSA] through your training has brought me to where I am now, so I really do have so much to be appreciative of.  Those few days you trained us were hugely impactful and the ripple effect is still being felt years later!  We covered so much and I was able to develop skills that I rely on in my daily work to this day."
Ms. Suzi Breslin
Programme and Training Officer,

Irish Council for International Students (ICOS)

Recommendation by Jen Mullin
“You and your team are brilliant and ahead of your time. I really wish every teacher and administrator in the world could take this course. There is so much valuable information about how to relate to one another effectively and really build trust and a sense of human interaction in a virtual space.”
Ms. Jennifer Mullin
CEO, JM Consulting
Dr. Felix Wang Reccomendation
“CoreCollaborative International did a fantastic job in designing our Global Studies curriculum. Their vision led us to incorporates global, regional and local perspectives. We look forward to partnering with them again.” 
Dr. Felix Wang
Senior Associate Executive Director,

Center for Global Engagement,

James Madison University

Ms. Samantha Noble
"Jennifer at CCI provided focused and insightful analysis into our program's needs. The Hero's Journey curriculum that she developed was perfectly tailored to our participants' needs - they loved it and loved the thoughtful way in which she engaged with them. "
Ms. Samantha Noble
Senior Program Director,

Georgetown University,

Center for Intercultural Education and Development