Why Does It Matter?

This is where we begin all collaborative endeavors, with our ears.  Because the support we provide to each client partner is different, we first listen to you describe why this project matters to your organization and you personally.  Sometimes it takes a little dialogue to settle into the response that works best for your organization.  We know from experience that people need to feel like what they do matters in order to work well and sustainably. We want to support projects that matter to you.


Who Is The Community?

From the poet Elizabeth Alexander: “and are we not of interest to each other.” In order to resolve conflict, collaborate for sustainable change, or create environments for innovation people must see themselves in relationship to one another. How are our lives entangled?

Our approach is relational, empathetic, and committed to understanding and amplifying the relationships that make every initiative encompass the people in

How do we strengthen and grow essential relationships between humans, between humans and the environment, between humans and potential?


What Is Possible?

How do we come to know our own comfort zones and cultivate a sense of wonder to cross borders beyond our comfort zones? What is possible in the dynamic space between transformative experience (challenging our frames of reference – openness to ambiguity) * restorative practice (making sense of dissonance – reimagining the world) * responsive action (social change – civic purpose)

Our approach is grounded in the value of transcultural and transdisciplinary communication and work in the world.