At the heart of the inspiration for CCI is a curiosity about the diverse ways in which the world works; an abiding commitment to engagement, to presence, to purpose; and a sense of awe in the abundant opportunities for challenging frames of reference and the opportunities for continuous growth in a world of possibility.

CoreCollaborative provides:

  • Needs assessments
  • Diversity/intercultural professional development seminars and coaching
  • Assessment of individual and group transformation
  • Design and delivery of complex, mixed methods evaluation and research projects
  • Strategic planning for organizations to include alignment of values, mission and outcomes
  • Instructional design projects for both in person and virtual learning environments
  • Large dataset analysis and interpretation¬†¬†

In collaboration with organizations, we start from the roots using transformative design thinking to enhance the capacity for sustainable growth.

Our approach illuminates needs and values to catalyze systems that leverage human complexity and nurture innovation for positive change.